'STIG' stands for 'Strahlung Informations Gerät', which translates to 'Radiation information device'. The device is configured to track down and measure electromagnetic radiation in its vicinity, and notify when such radiation levels are abnormal. Radiation levels in industrialized countries often refers to 'electro-smog' interferences, commonly found in congested areas, such as being in a traffic jam and could indicate an 'unhealthy' environment to be in.

The 'STIG' is a must accessory for drivers in Europe, and can alert the driver when driving close by to 'unhealthy areas' where abnormal levels of electromagnetic radiation are noticed. Law enforcement agencies commonly use radar equipment or laser guns, which are known to emit electromagnetic fields. In addition, fixed radar detection devices (such as the Gatso), are detected by the 'STIG'.

Assembled in Germany and modified to suit the European markets, extensive tests are performed to make sure the 'STIG' is undetectable by common law enforcement equipment. Making it safe to use and protect the driver of abnormal radiation effects. The device itself has no active emissions as the device only passively detects radiation, as a bonus most police radar and laser radiation are detected too.

The 'STIG' has many advantages for you:

  • Fully tax deductible
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • English operating manual
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Requires no modifications or settings in your vehicle
  • No need for updates or upgrades, hence no service or subscription charges
  • Thoroughly tested in several European counties

The 'STIG' launched in The Netherlands during July 2009 (and called Radarwarner in Germany or Détecteur de radar in France), and available today all over Europe. At an affordable list price of € 824,- ex. VAT. The STIG is delivered with a 12 Volt adaptor and a 12 month warrantee. Optional dash board pad is also available. The manual for the STIG is in English.

We deliver the 'STIG' to your doorstep, and payment can be done directly with the delivery agent.

You will be invoiced by Schreuder Solutions UG.

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